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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exciting chess news: Carlsen likely to play in World Chess Championship cycle 2012!

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Hello everyone,

Well, this seems to be quite an exciting bit of chess news that we were led to by excellent news website in Russian World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen, who sat out of the previous World Championship Cycle is most likely to take on the competition in 2012. At least that is what we would infer from this interview given by the talented young grandmaster to popular Brazilian website Folha in Portuguese

Here is the best translation of the interview we could manage. Enjoy.

Football fan, the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, 20, leader of the world chess rankings, stopped by in Rio on his way to Sao Paulo to compete in the Grand Slam Chess Masters. 

Magnus says he is "Happy to be ranked as World No. 1, especially ahead of the World Champion but then we are just next to each other on the list. I have to keep doing well, especially in tournaments like the Grand Slam."

Q: You helped him (Anand) while he was training for the world title?
Magnus: This happened by chance. And, of course, I helped him because we were not rivals. It was interesting. We learned a lot together.

Q: And when you will finally participate in the World?
Magnus: I do not know, let's see. Probably in 2012.

Q: And what about the previous times?
Magnus: Well, the first time, I was not skilled enough then, I did not agree with the rules. Still, I do not agree with some of the rules but, I think, for the next round of the World Championship cycle  the rules will be better and I would be able to attend.

Q: You have a coach?
Magnus: Occasionally, I train with some people for a week or two. But they are not among the best chess players. You know, the best want to win for themselves.

Q: How long was the partnership with Gary Kasparov?
Magnus: Till mid-2010. We have played together, but maintain a good relationship.

Q: What has changed in style after your sessions with Kasparov?
Magnus: I became more aggressive. And that was crucial to beat the best in the world.

Q: People say you're the new Kasparov.
Magnus: I'm more or less happy to be myself. But I hope that in some years, people talk about the new Magnus Carlsen.

Q: What do you do when not playing or training?
Magnus: I like playing sports like football, tennis, skiing ...

Q: You go out much with friends?
Magnus: Depends on my free time. We usually go to their home or mine.

Q: You have a girlfriend?
Magnus: No, no.

Q: But had any?
Magnus: Yes

Q: How many?
Magnus: Would not like to discuss.

Q: Many girls call you out?
Magnus: Sometimes it happens. But I think football players are more sought after than chess players.

Q: In 2010 you starred in a campaign of the German brand G-Star. Why did you accept the invitation?
Magnus: It was an opportunity which chess players don't usually have. I could not refuse.

Q: Do you like fashion?
Magnus: Not really, but I like the clothes of the G-Star and still use them.

Q: Did you play chess since childhood. Have you thought about doing something different?
Magnus: No, I really enjoy playing chess. While it is fun and interesting, I will continue playing.

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