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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A chess arbiter's interesting view of the ongoing Candidates Matches in Kazan

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Hello everybody,

Chess arbiters are the silent and hard working people behind all these lovely chess tournaments that the rest of us enjoy so much. We seldom get around to thanking them or wondering how they view our intense battles on the board. 

Here is a very nice article by Alex McFarlane - one of three chess arbiters overseeing the candidates tournament in the Russian city of Kazan – the highest honour ever attained by any Scottish chess player or official. The winner of the elite eight-player knockout goes on to face world champion Vishy Anand in a match next year.
Alex talks about all the interesting stuff happening around in Kazan apart from the matches!!!

Some of these include:

  • sniffer dogs and presence of military
  • phone jamming stuff
  • enthusiastic spectators almost coming to blows
  • the 'historic' clock mess between Kramnik and Radjabov... and more.

One interesting observation by Alex McFarlane will make you smile:

The hotel seems to think I’m a chess player rather than an arbiter. On the first morning, my room was made up by 10am, but they now leave it until mid-afternoon. If it’s known that he’s with the chess, the assumption is that he will be in bed until midday.

Just a fun and nice article to read which you can access in full here.

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