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Friday, May 6, 2011

Chess - An antiaging medicine!

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Hello everyone,

This is too good a news. In fact, if you look around, possibly Grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi is one perfect real-life example of this - Chess - yes chess - indeed is the medicine for anti-aging! 

We have some fantastic material available here thanks to Mr Leonxto Garcia, renowned chess journalist who has contributed the material to the FIDE Chess in Schools Commission. The links show chess is useful in dealing with issues related to aging. People who know how to play chess will use their brain more efficiently and take care of themselves. Here is a list of all the research articles. Fantastic work.

Relation of Cognitive activity to risk of developing Alzheimer (Wilson's neurology)
American Academy of Neurology, 28 May 2008. R.S.Wilson (PhD); P.A.Scherr (PhD, ScD), J.A.Schnedier (MD), Y.Tang (PhD), P.A.Bennett (MD)

Mind Games May Trump Alzheimer's Study Cites Effects of Chess, Bridge
The Washington Post, Shankar Vedentam, 19 June 2003

Knight's move thinking? Mild Cognitive impairment in a chess player (Neurocase)
H.A.Archer, J.M.Schott, J.Barnes, N.C.Fox, J.L.Holton, T.Revesz, L.Cipoletti, M.N.Rosser 26 Fabruary 2008

Echec à Alzheimer (French!)
Par Leontxo Garcia

So stay young with chess!

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