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Friday, April 1, 2011

Is it April Fool's Day chess spoof? Blondes vs Brunettes chess blitz tourney!

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Hi everyone,

We've picked up this interesting bit of news from about a tournament between blondes and brunettes - defined not only by their hair colour but by their light or dark clothing.

On April 1, Ten Blondes will challenge ten Brunettes in a unique match of mind battle over the chess board. The tournament will be a 10 rounds event, the time control is 5 minutes per player.

The blonde team
WGM Valentina Gunina 2472
WGM Olga Girya 2425
WGM Tatiana Grabuzova 2336
WGM Irina Vasilevich 2324
WGM Maria Fominikh 2303
WIM Tamara Minogina 2244
WFM Alina Bivol 2137
WFM Nadezhda Potikhoshkina 2167
Maria Severina 2049
(One player to be decided)

The brunette team
WGM Nazi Paikidze 2425
WGM Anastasia Savina 2383
WGM Svetlana Mateeva 2380
WGM Maria Manakova 2336
WGM Alina Kashlinskaya 2320
WIM Daria Charochkina 2330
WIM Karina Ambartsumova 2308
WFM Varvara Saulina 2286
WFM Tatiana Bogumil 2096
WFM Victorya Zarivkina 2059

You can watch the games live here.

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