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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fide publishes regulations, bidding procedure for World Chess Championship 2012

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Hi everyone,

We yet don't know where the World Chess Championship 2012 will be held. FIDE is publishing the bidding procedure and regulations for the FIDE World Championship Match 2012 betweenWorld Champion V. Anand and his challenger from the Candidates Matches. The match is scheduled for April-May 2012 and the deadline for receiving bids is 30 June.

Here are part of the bidding rules. 

Each bid shall  contain the following particulars as minimum: 
a) Proposed exact dates of the event between 10 April and 31 May 2012. 
b) Proposed venue of the event. 
c) Proposed prize fund for the players (minimum 1,000,000 euros & should be offered net of any applicable local taxes). 
d) The contribution to FIDE (net of any applicable local taxes and not less than 20% of the prize money) as stipulated in 
Article 13.2 as well as the financial obligations stated in Article 14 of the Rules & Regulations of the World Championship 
Match 2012 
e) Commitment to cover all the other financial obligations to FIDE, in accordance with  the Rules & Regulations of the 
World Championship Match 2012 
f) Commitment to cover all organizational costs, in accordance with the match regulations. 
g) Category of official hotel (minimum 4- stars), and name if possible, with special room rates for visitors (including meals). 
h) A statement that the applicant accepts the regulations of the match without any reservations. 
i) An invitation for 2 (two) members of the FIDE Commission for World Chess Championships and Olympiads to inspect the 
proposed venue and examine the other conditions, with all travel/hotel expenses paid by the bidder.  
j) The applicant's name, signatures and authentication. 

You can read all the details here.

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