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Thursday, April 28, 2011

GM Sergey Tiviakov wins Norwegian Chess Open 2011

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Hi everybody,

GM Sergey Tiviakov has won the Norwegian Open Chess Championship 2011 which was held as part of the  Norway Chess Federation's 100th anniversary! He scored 7.5 points to take a clear first in the main group. Tiviakov - on his way to victory - also beat Swedish GM Lars Karlsson (born 1955) while five other Grandmasters tied for the second place. Among the youngsters, Norwegians Aryan Tari and Sebastian Mihajlov, both still only 12 played well. Eric Vaarala of Sweden (born 1993) won the prize as the best player rated 2150 to 2299, and Anders Thingstad of Norway the same rated below 2150.

From left organizer Řystein Brekke, GMs Mirzoev, Miezis, Kasparov (Sergei), Tiviakov, Jones and Karlsson, with vice-mayor Svein Erik Hilmen

Heikki Westerinen of Finland (66) continued to improve his record of having participated in the most number of Norwegian international tournaments. He was a co-winner way back in 1970 at the first edition of the tournament!

Top standings

1. GM Sergey Tiviakov, Netherlands - 7 points
2. GM Sergey Kasparov, Belarus - 6,5
3. GM Gawain Jones, England - 6,5
4. GM Lars Karlsson, Sweden - 6,5
5. GM Normunds Miezis, Latvia - 6,5
6. GM Azer Mirzoev, Azerbaijan - 6,5
7. GM Michael Richter, Germany - 6
8. GM Yuri Solodovnichenko, Ukraine - 6
9. (IM) Frode Olav Urkedal, 1911, Oslo - 6
10. IM Eirik Gullaksen, Bergen - 5,5
11. GM Leif E. Johannessen, Oslo - 5,5
12. Eric Vaarala, Sweden - 5,5
13. IM Luis Ignacio Lubio Meija, Spain - 5,5
14. Anders Hobber, Porsgrunn - 5,5
15. GM Heikki Westerinen, Finland - 5,5
16. Aryan Tari, Asker - 5,5
17. IM Jeroen Bosch, Netherlands - 5,5

You can access the official website here.

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