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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer chess programme Rybka-4 beaten blindfold by neurosurgeon

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Hi everyone,

This one's for all humanity. Ukrainian Andrew Slyusarchuk, 39 years old, neurosurgeon by profession, has taken on Rybka-4 and beaten him(her/it) blindfold!

Nope, he's not a grandmaster (and doesn't intend to give Vishy Anand any competition). He says, he wanted to display to the world the power of the human mind. What a celebration for all of us!

Andrew was searched thoroughly for any hidden devices before the event. He says, he just learned it all up! He won with white then drew with black to win the match. Incidentally, Andrew plan a simul against 150 Grandmasters. By the way, Andrew specialises in improving memory technologies and knows by heart 20,000 books and 30 million digits of the pi.

We thank for leading us to this super video. You will love it even if language is an issue.

And another...

And, another...

Of course, as most of you would agree, this is more to do with memory-related expertise than particularly chess-related technique. But then, chess has always been a portal to the last frontier when it comes to brain power. Chess forever...

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