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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Multi-dimensional chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian

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Hello everyone,

Here is a short and nice interview with none other than Grandmaster Levon Aronian in which he gives some very nice and interesting answers. Perfect for a Sunday reading. Enjoy.

Levon Aronian turns out all-rounder

Music, specially classical and jazz, is among the chess grandmaster Levon Aronian’s hobbies.
At his meeting with journalists March 5, he said he likes reading, visiting clubs and festivals. “The last book I read was a most interesting book on economics,” he said.

As to the possibility of his following the example of Garry Kasparov, who engaged in politics, Aronian said he is not at all interested in politics. However, he is well aware of what he is “going to do tomorrow.”
Among his hobbies are also travelling and playing football though he is not good at the latter. As regards alcoholic beverages, Aronian told journalist he prefers wine, port (wine), tequila and cornel vodka.

Responding to a question about his love for chess and his Philippine girlfriend, Aronyan said such question is wrong. “It is the same as to ask whom or what a man loves more – his mother or stuffed cabbage rolls. Whatever it is, chess is my life,” Aronian said. He pointed out that his girlfriend knows about Armenia more than he does.

Aronyan added that both in chess and in life he seeks to show the best game!

We would say "Indeed" to that for sure.

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