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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Future of Post-Human Chess: A Preface to a New Theory of Tactics and Strategy

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Hi everyone,

This is a very interesting study - “The Future of Post-Human Chess: A Preface to a New Theory of Tactics and Strategy”.

Is chess really so mechanical that it is, for some chess scholars nowadays, "a set of mathematical rules that obey basic laws of physics"?

This popular chess sensibility can be contrasted by an opposing one in the older days, when many computer-skeptics "found it very, very hard to believe chess engines could ever replace or imitate the best of human chess thinking" or "believed the strongest human grandmasters would always be able to outplay computers when all tactics had been drained out of the position." (A. Moll 2009)

Contrary to these two opposing chess sensibilities (and other views) on the nature of chess (and its future), the strategy and tactics used in chess are neither so physically mechanical nor artistically subjective to the extent that their respective defenders would like us to believe. But this unorthodox challenge to the two opposing chess sensibilities (and other views) does not logically imply that chess is therefore an uninteresting board game, or that chess studies are useless. Of course, neither of these two extreme views is reasonable either.

Instead, this book provides an alternative (better) way to understand the future of chess, especially in the context of strategy and tactics-while learning from different approaches in the literature but without favoring any one of them (nor integrating them, since they are not necessarily compatible with each other). Thus, this book offers a new theory to go beyond the existing approaches in the literature on chess in a new way not conceived before.

This book is by Dr. Peter Baofu who is also the author of 45 new theories in 36 books to provide a visionary challenge to conventional wisdom in all fields of knowledge ranging from the social sciences through the formal sciences and the natural sciences to the humanities, with the final aim for a unified theory of everything.

Very interesting and you can read more here.

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