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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kosteniuk - Ambartsumova Commented Game

Hi everybody!

We just found on the 2011 Moscow Open Organizer's page, one of Alexandra Kosteniuk's wins, commented by GM Alexander Kalinin, whom we thank for his work!

Young Grandmaster Tournament (women)

Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) – Karina Ambartsumova (Russia)
Ruy Lopez. Berlin Defence
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. O-O Ne4 5. d4 Nd6 6. Bc6 dc 7. de Nf5 8. Qd8 Kd8
Here is the well-known Berlin Defense. For the first time the variant was played in game Garmonist - Tarrash (1889), nowadays it became popular after Kasparov - Kramnik match(London, 2000).
For pawn preponderance on King side Black has got the two-bishop advantage. Owing to pawn e5 White took space advantage – but the pawn restricted Bishop c1. The main problem for Black is an uncastled King.
9. Nc3 Be6 Reliable, but 9...h6 is more popular.
10. Ng5
Kruppa - Aleksandrov (Minsk, 1997): 10. Rd1 Kc8 11. Ng5 Bc4 12. b3 Bb4! 13. Bb2 Bc3 14. Bc3 Bd5 15. Nh3 Be6 16. Nf4 b6 17. Nh5 g6 18. Nf6 a5 19. a3 h5 20. Rd2 Kb7 21. Rad1 c5 with equal play. Black often long for positions with bishops of opposite color in Berlin variation.
10... Ke7 A doubtful decision - for queen-bishop support the Black king is ready to stay on center.
11. Rd1 Taking under control the d4 square. Nisepianu - Guimeshi (Rieka 2010) after 11. f4 Nd4 12. Rf2 Bf5 13. Nge4 Rd8 14. Be3 h5 15. Rd2 Ne6 16. Ng3 g6 17. Rd8 Kd8 18. Rd1 Kc8 19. Nf5 gf Black has successfully rearranged the pieces.
11... h6 12. Ne6
It is possible to refuse exchange, but while it did not bring white essential benefits for White: 12. Nf3 Ke8 13. b3 Bb4 14. Bb2 Bc3 15. Bc3 c5 and equal game, Zontakh - Aleksandrov (St.Petegburg, 1994); or 12. Nge4 Rd8 13. Bf4 b6 14. h3 g6 15. g4 Nd4 16. Bg3 g5 17. f4 Nc2 18. Rac1 Ne3 19. Re1 Rd3 20. Nf2 Rc3 21. bc gf 22. Bf4 Nc4 with a compensation, Shirov - Nakamura (Moscow, 2010)
12... Ke6
13. g4 Nh4 14. f4 The only way for White to grasp the initiative is to advance their pawns After 14. Bf4 h5 15. h3 hg 16. hg g5 17. Bg3 Be7 Black is better, Matulovic - Lundin, Belgrad, 2002
14... h5 15. h3 hg 16. hg
This is a critical position. White pawns have rushed in attack towards the Black king, but the position of the White king has been opened. To use these dynamic factors Black should operate resolutely.
16... f6? Tactically wrong. Black should have played 16... f5! 17. ef gf 18. f5 Kf7 19. Rd7 Be7 20. Ne4 Rag8 with equal chances
17. f5! Pawn sacrifice to open the position 17... Ke5 18. Kf2!
18... g6
Better is 18... Bc5 (18...Nf5? 19.Re1+!) 19. Kg3 Nf5! 20. gf Kf5 with chances to survive
19. Re1! 19... Kd6 20. Bf4 Kd7
Probably better 20... Kc5 with idea 21. Be3 Kb4 22. a3 Ka5
21. Rad1 Bd6 22. Ne4 Rad8 23. Nd6 cd 24. Bd6 Kc8
25. Be7! Knight on h4 – the weakest black point.
25... Rd1 26. Rd1 gf 27. Bf6 Rh6 Or 27... Rh7 28. Rh1 +-
Black resigns.

Commented by GM Alexander Kalinin

All of Alexandra's games from the 2011 Moscow Open can be found on



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