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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Check the Deloitte/FIDE Chess Rating Challenge

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Hi everyone,

Here's a contest you'd surely like to know details of. It ends at 3:00pm, Wednesday 4 May 2011 UTC.

This contest, sponsored by professional services firm Deloitte, will find the most accurate system to predict chess outcomes, and FIDE will also bring a top finisher to Athens to present their system!

The datasets for this contest include real historical data provided by the world chess federation (FIDE).  Contest participants will train their rating systems using a training dataset of over 1.84 million game results for more than 54,000 chess players across a recent eleven year period.  Participants then use their method to predict the outcome of a further 100,000 games played among those same players during the following three months.  Contest entries will be scored automatically by the website, based on the accuracy of their predictions.  Two entries per day can be submitted by each team, and prizes will be determined according to each team's best-scoring single submission.

The contest's sponsor, Deloitte Australia, has provided the $10,000 prize to be awarded to the team that submits the most accurate predictions.  Deloitte is a preeminent provider of analytics globally and helps companies capture, manage and analyze their data as part of their overall business strategy.

You can find more details at the official website here.

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