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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your 'chess' hormone affects your killer instinct

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Hi everyone,

Your chess hormones could make you win - or lose. It's another Japanese study now that has co-related testosterone and chess players' killer instinct.

Elevated testosterone levels have been studied in other athletes as well, ranging from high resistance weight trainers to basketball players.

In a study conducted in Japan, saliva samples were collected from 90 healthy male university students who were members of a competitive Japanese chess club (shogi) immediately before and after playing chess, and again 30 minutes later. The researchers found an increase in testosterone and cortisol in the saliva of players, regardless of whether they had won or lost. Increases were more pronounced the more competitive the game.

Check out this full report here. Also, hope you didn't miss our post on the study on how chess players use their brain differently.

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