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Friday, December 3, 2010

Teen-no-more chess star Magnus Carlsen on turning 20

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Hello Everyone,

This is the cutest quote from chess star Magnus Carlsen on turning 20.
He expressed this views in a nice interview with Max Davidson of The Telegraph as part of the series 'My perfect weekend'.

Carlsen says:

"Last Monday I was still a teenager and my lifestyle reflects that. I can be quite disorganised in some ways and, if there is no particular reason to get up in the morning, I can stay in bed until lunchtime. I will be laid-back one minute, intellectually sharp and focused the next.
Did I feel excited about finally entering my twenties this week, after years of being regarded as some kind of child prodigy, with everything that went with that? Not really. It was just another birthday as far as I was concerned.

"In the nature of my profession, my weekends don’t follow a regular pattern. If there is no chess tournament on the horizon, I might relax by playing football with friends or having a game of squash or tennis. My main residence is a basement apartment in my parents’ house in Baerum, a suburb of Oslo. My sisters also still live at home, so it is quite a family-centred existence. One of the things that first motivated me to take up chess as a child was the desire to beat my elder sister."

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