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Monday, November 1, 2010

Vassily Ivanchuk wins Cap d'Agde Chess Tournament beating Hikaru Nakamura

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Vassily Ivanchuk

Hi Everybody,

Vassily Ivanchuk has won the Cap d' Agde Tournament defeating defending champion Hikaru Nakamura. Incidentally, Nakamura beat Ivanchuk last year to win the title. In the final, the champion beat Nakamura 1.5-0.5 yesterday.

The 9th Chess encounters Nationales and Internationales of Cap d’Agde took place from October 23-31. There were initially 16 players in two separate groups (round-robins) from which the best four of each made it to the knockout phase. The time control was 25 minutes plus 10 seconds increment.

The knockout semi-final results were as follows.

1. Hikaru Nakamura-Jon Ludvig Hammer 2-0
2. Bu Xiangzhi-Yannick Pelletier 1.5-0.5

1. Nguyen Ngoc Truong-Le Quang Liem 2-4
2. Judit Polgar-Vasily Ivanchuk 0-2

1. Hikaru Nakamura-Le Quang Liem 3-1
2. Vassily Ivanchuk-Bu Xiangzhi 2-0

Sunday Final
Vassily Ivanchuk-Hikaru Nakamura 1.5-0.5

Here is Ivanchuk's nice final game. You can run the moves through our pgnplayer or watch in flash below.

PGN: 1. e4 e5 2. f4 Nc6 3. Nf3 f5 4. d3 d6 5. Nc3 Nf6 6. g3 g6 7. Bg2 Bg7 8. fxe5 dxe5 9. Bg5 h6 10. Be3 O-O 11. O-O fxe4 12. dxe4 Be6 13. a3 Kh7 14. Kh1 a6 15. Bg1 Rf7 16. Qe2 Nd4 17. Qd3 Nxf3 18. Qxf3 Rd7 19. Rad1 Bg4 20. Rxd7 Bxf3 21. Rxd8 Bxg2+ 22. Kxg2 Rxd8 23. Be3 g5 24. h3 Kg6 25. g4 c6 26. Rf2 b5 27. Rd2 Rxd2+ 28. Bxd2 Bf8 29. Kf3 h5 30. Ne2 hxg4+ 31. hxg4 Nd7 32. Nc1 c5 33. Na2 Nb8 34. c4 bxc4 35. Nc3 Nc6 36. Nd5 Nd4+ 37. Ke3 Kf7 38. Nb6 Ke6 39. Nxc4 Be7 40. Ba5 Nb5 41. Kd3 Nd6 42. Nxd6 1-0

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