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Friday, October 29, 2010

Graphic novel 'Chess Rumble': Lessons for life and a sweet story

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Hello Everyone,

Chess teaches you not to react immediately but to step back and evaluate the bigger picture. In life as in chess. So, here's a post on this very interesting graphic novel 'Chess Rumble'!

This book was published in 2007. The hero of the graphic novel is Marcus who is very angry after his sister's death and his dad leaving the family.

He wants to fight with everyone from his little brothers to his classmates. Latrell used to be Marcus's best friend, now they hate each other. Marcus is a big kid to get under his skin Latrell calls him names like Fat Albert. Marcus gets into a lot of trouble at school and his teacher, Ms. Tate is frustrated. Finally instead of the regular punishment, Ms Tate tries something new, introducing Marcus to CM.

CM teaches young men to play chess, so they can fight it out on the board. That's where everything changes!

Check out these videos on this nice book for kids.

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