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Friday, August 13, 2010

Chess to light up your day

Brent Blake with his 'bulb' chess set

Hello Everyone,

This looks like it can 'light' up our days! But then chess in any form always does. So, for a little extra 'joy' American architect, design consultant and chess player Brent Blake has made an 'electric chess set'.

The special set is made with plug bases, regular bulbs, sockets and ceramic elements. The board surface is of mirrored plexiglass and white laminate base.

But instead of shape, you will have to remember the colour of the pieces!

Captured pieces are placed in the sockets on the side which do not have any power. It's 'lights out for these pieces'. The bulbs have low wattage so that they don't get hot and can be touched by the players. There is also a dimmer to control the light.

If you happen to check out the set, let us know.

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