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Friday, June 18, 2010

Lucena position in chess: A simple way to remember it

Hello everybody!

The Lucena position with K+R+p vs. K+R is well-known. But if you always seem to forget it in the tension of a time scramble during a tournament match then here it is in an easy form:

White wins by 1. Rf4 Rh1 2. Re4+ Kd7 3. Kf7 Rf1+ 4. Kg6 Rg1+ 5. Kh6 Rh1+6. Kg5 Rg1+ &. Rg4 1-0

This position is not in Lucena's book and was first published in 1634. Three hundred years later, Nimzowitsch described the White King's manoeuvre as making a bridge under which the King may shelter to Queen the pawn.

If you want to read a detailed description of the Lucena position you can go to this wikipedia page. You won't always get the Lucena position exactly but watch out for it and think how you can move around to getting it on the board! After that, a win is simple enough.

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