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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you know what's 'Maiden's Chess'?

Trivia Time: Must-capture Chess!

Must-capture chess, also known as 'Maiden's chess' was described in the Alfonso Ms (1283) having been invented by girls in Morocco. It followed the laws of chess but you had to make a capture if you could. Though, you could choose which capture to make.

In 1946, American composer Mannis Charosh, modified it to 'series must-capture chess' in which if you could make successive capture you were forced to do so. Thus, several single-move captures could be made in succession.

For example, in the diagram above, it is White's turn to move. Then, the White pawn on e5 must capture the Black Knight on f6, the Black pawn on g7 and the Black Rook on h8 as a series of captures in a single move! Dare you try this 'Maiden's Chess'!

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