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Monday, February 1, 2010

World Chess News TV - Episode 282

Enjoy this episode #282 of the excellent World Chess News TV crew, from Sweden, who have been creating their chess TV program for over 5.5 years now.

Be sure to watch their episodes weekly on

Here is some more info we have been able to get about the team of Chess-TV:

The lack of interest for the game within the Swedish media resulted in the ChessTV-team creating a TV-show in their own way. Having no knowledge about TV-producing, filming or redactional work, the creators used qualities acquired from playing chess, such as strategical planning, logical thinking and hard work, knowing that if you only apply yourself enough, you can make anything happen.

The ChessTV-team consists of five siblings from Stockholm, Sweden, currently in the ages between 23 and 15. Adriana, Antonia and Amelia Krzymowska (23-19) and Alfred and Albert Krzymowski (17 and 15) created the idea and concept of the show.

Seizing the opportunities of their generation; with advanced computers, the Internet and digital cameras, they learned all of the technical and editorial aspects of producing a news show, and have done that ever since (They write the scripts, set the lights, adjust the sound, record the shows, edit the material, air and market ChessTV).

But ChessTV is in a constant process of evolution, and the team has since the start perfected a lot of details, making the show better and better for every episode. Not even now, with 282 produced episodes, the team considers the show “done”."

Note if by any chance the embedded video is in Swedish, or a new video has been placed on their main page, you can go directly
HERE to see the English version of Episode 282.

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