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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Speak to me so that I can see you

Dear friends,

It's with pleasure that I republish the poem I wrote when I was 15 years old, with the beautiful illustration above by Mister M, whom I thank wholeheartedly!

Those were beautiful years growing up, with my family always close, chess keeping me busy and eternally learning, school in between tournaments, and the birth of love in my heart.

Speak To Me So That I Can See You

Speak to me, so that I can see you, 

So that the Sun begins to shine more brightly, 

So that I'm later not regretting 

That time ran out before I told your story.

The story of the leaves that quietly whisper, 

Of dew drops twinkling on morning grass,

Of wind that comes in Spring, and one that's strong, 

Of February skies without a cloud, 

Of happiness that comes at sunrise, 

As those first rays of lilac turn to red.

And what is happiness? We all say "happiness" so often…

So much about it can be said.

One day, it will arrive without a warning

And change the way your eyes perceive this world.

You'll see the world in fairy tales enclosed,

You'll see it wrapped in tender, rosy Spring.

And then within that Spring, whose entrance will be sudden, 

With ringing laughter, you will outpour your love,

And as around the snow your scatter cherry roses, 

A burning fire will ignite in people's hearts. 

Speak to me so that I can see you. 

So that I always feel this thrilling passion,

This gust of freshest wind that came upon me roughly.

The gust of love, of fantasies, and hopes.


Posted by Alexandra Kosteniuk
Women's World Chess Champion (2008-present)



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