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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Russia and Georgia Leading in the ETC Women's

Russia today beat the Czech Republic 3-1
(from left: Kosteniuk, T. Kosintseva, N. Kosintseva, Romanko)

Hello to all!

Just a short post to let you know that the 8th round was played today in Novi Sad at the European's Team Championship, and tomorrow morning will be the final 9th round.

Contending for the gold in the women's section is Russia and Georgia, both having 14 match points. Russia has 2 individual points more, which may turn out to be useful in case of a tie-break.

The standings before the last round are on

Here below you can see my game against Jana Jackova. I'm playing white, again in a Ruy Lopez, and playing against a Marshall attack (I like to play the Marshall myself, so this was tough playing against one of "my" openings). Well the game was decided not in the opening, but later in the middle game and in the end-game. That's why I advise my students not to spend too much time on the opening, but rather concentrate on middle games and endgames. The important thing about the opening is that you should enter the middle game in any "playable" kind of position, then try to show your mastery in the middle and end game.

Again, I'm playing white: Kosteniuk - Jackova

Here's another picture of the same team, but 2 days ago (the photos are from the organizer's site).

(from right: Kosteniuk, T. Kosintseva, N. Kosintseva, Romanko)

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