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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3 Top Lessons from Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championships!

Hello chess blog friends, Two of the world's best chess players - Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen - are meeting to fight for the top chess title two years in a row. Here are three top lessons every chess fan should gain from these two historic clashes...

1 - Physical fitness: Finally, it's there for all chess fans to see. You're not going to be making much headway if you're not fit. Spending more than six hours at a stretch ensuring that your brain still comes up with the best calculations on the board requires stamina and endurance. If you're up against a tenacious opponent, you could well be sitting fighting for every drop of blood. You will need to stay alert all the way just to even eke out a draw. So, get the hind, get, set, go with an exercise regime!

2 - Chess studies: Yes, chess is a whole lot about logic, but look at the huge amount of chess theoretical preparation that goes into a game. Playing chess at the top level, with the clock ticking against you, it's all so important to be armed with the best theoretical preparation of all phases of the game fro opening, middlegame to the endings. Start training then... and, Chess King is cool to begin with.

3 - Believe in yourself: There is no scope for disappointment when it comes to playing chess at tournament level. Whether you blunder, or you lose, you're got to get up right back and go fight again. That is the greatest lesson chess will possibly every teach you. There is no giving up - whether it is Anand losing the title and working hard to win another chance, whether it's Magnus Carlsen losing his lead and coming back to taking the lead again... or, whether it's both blundering and fighting on... That's chess. The show must go and you must fight till the last. Chess makes you a warrior in the best of traditions. Believe in yourself and fight till the last - on the chessboard and off it. Chess is for the brave alone.

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