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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Top 5 Qualities every Chess star has... Do you?

Hello chess blog friends, here are 5 chess qualities every Grandmaster has. Do you think you could develop these qualities as well? You can, if you train properly, love chess and are committed to improving your game.

1 - Determination: Losing hurts plenty, but you can make a long list of Grandmasters who bounce back. They lose and then get back to winning everything. The most obvious name from contemporary GMs is of course former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand he totally dominated the Candidates when everyone wrote him off after his loss to Magnus Carlsen at the World Chess Championship 2014 in Chennai. Stay determined and never give up in the face of failure in chess... and life.

2 - Hard work: Loads and loads of it. There's not a single Grandmaster on the planet who has not worked hard - with a trainer, or without. Grandmasters work just as hard as any other sportsperson to hone their talent and skill. This training should also be systematic with a balanced use of chess software, coach and regular playing practice.

3 - Fitness: Your chess won't go anywhere if you do not focus on fitness. Playing a game of chess at the top level requires utmost physical effort even though chess is defined as a mental game. The simple idea is that if your body is not fit, your mind won't work well. So, do take up a physical activity, exercise or just get walking and watch your rating go up by itself.

4 - Passion for chess: It is highly recommended that you play chess as long as you enjoy it without focusing too much on results. The results come according to several factors, but if you have no passion for the game you just won't do well. This is very important for chess parents who often push kids into tough training for chess when the kid's heart lies elsewhere. Passion for chess will make you walk that extra mile that will make the difference between a regular master and a special GM! Think about it.

5 - Able to adjust quickly: This is a very important quality to develop as a chess player. Chess tournaments are held across the world in varying conditions from air-conditioned halls to hot and humid venues. Don't let your game be affected by the conditions you play in. You are sure to keep your chess at a steady level of improvement if you can learn to adjust quickly and easily. Not every chess player starts off as World No. 1, but by no means is the task not worthy of pursuing.

So, keep at it and stay happy with the beautiful gift of chess in your life.

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