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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GM Vasily Yemelin wins 5th ShakkiNet Chess in Helsinki

Hello chess blog friends, news of which chess tournament are you following? Here is a quick FIDE update from a chess event held in Helsinki. The 5th ShakkiNet Chess Tournament took place from 9th to 17th June, 2014 in the capital and largest city in Finland.
GM Vasily Yemelin (Russia) won a clear first with 7,5/9 point, half a point ahead of the runner-up Ebeling. Local FM Daniel Ebeling collected 7/9 points and fulfilled not only an IM norm, but also a GM norm. This is Ebeling’s last IM norm, thus the Finnish is expecting a title confirmation soon. IM Mikael Agopov remained third with 6/9 points. You can find more details on the official website.

You don't hear of too many chess open tournaments in Helsinki, but 
ShakkiNet Chess Tournament has increasingly gained popularity with more players evincing interest as the organisers hold it successfully for the fifth year. 

Do you know the following interesting facts about Helsinki's contribution to chess?
The 10th Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open team tournament, as well as several other events designed from August 9 to August 31, 1952, in Helsinki, Finland. The Olympiad was especially notable for the debut of the Soviet team, who instantly won their first gold medals and went on to completely dominate the Olympiads for the next four decades.
After the tournament, it was generally agreed that the small preliminary and final groups of only 8-9 teams left too much open to chance, since a single blunder would have too big an impact on the final standings. Consequently FIDE decided that in the future, no final should have less than 12 participants.

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