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Saturday, April 5, 2014

FIDE Online Chess Arena Launched Officially! Get a FIDE rating at Home

Hello chess friends,

Here is an exciting update via FIDE. They have officially launched the Online Chess Arena! Now you can get a chess rating from the comfort of your home. 

Here is FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's message:

It is with great pride that I announce the formal launch of FIDE online arena on April the 4th – a truly historic day for the world of chess.

Thanks to the latest technology, chess players from every federation in the world will now have the opportunity to come together and play in official FIDE events for official FIDE ratings, unimpeded by distance, physical disability, shortage of available time, or any of the other obstacles that make attending official tournaments or match play difficult or impossible for many players.

Moreover, FIDE online arena creates new opportunities that in the past were only a dream, and the arena is certain to bring chess to millions of new players in the years ahead, as well as serving as an invaluable tool for education, broadcasting , chess in schools and many other crucial chess activities. The only limit for what is possible is our imagination.

Since the test version of FIDE online arena started, the project has generated enormous enthusiasm and interest, and we have been extremely grateful for the many messages of support for this initiative that FIDE has received from around the world.

As with other major sports, effective anti-cheating measures are crucial for guaranteeing the integrity of the game with players, the public , the media and sponsors alike. FIDE online arena truly excels in this regard as it is equipped with a highly sophisticated anti-cheating system that monitors all official games. This detailed monitoring is supplemented by a team of anti-cheating specialists and stringent FIDE anti-cheating procedures so that the maximum protection possible is provided.

Each arena member will have official FIDE Online Ratings for rapid, blitz and bullet chess.

Upon registration, a new member with an existing FIDE ID will be assigned initial ratings for rapid, blitz and bullet in accordance with his/her published over-the-board ratings. After every game played, these ratings will be updated, employing the same system used for official FIDE over-the-board ratings. After the establishment of an initial rating, unrated players' ratings shall be processed as per this system.

Upon the decision of the FIDE General Assembly at a date to be announced soon, FIDE over-the-board and online ratings for rapid and blitz will be merged into a single rating for each time control and published on the official FIDE website,

Gens una sumus is FIDE’s guiding principal and for this reason I am particularly excited by the introduction of FIDE online arena. Its unique ability to bring together chess players within and from every nation in the world can only strengthen the strong bonds that we share and that continue to unite us.

I am very pleased to announce that in celebration of FIDE online arena’s official launch all chess players with a FIDE rating and ID number are eligible for one month’s free membership.

Enjoy it!
I look forward to seeing you online.

Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov

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