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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I would Like 14 Games in World Chess Championship Match: Magnus Carlsen

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Hello everyone,

World Chess Championship goes off to Silicon Valley and wows fans and audience. In this delightful interview with technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel, Carlsen spoke about not liking playing chess with computers, enjoying a 14-game World Chess Championship, the importance of reading chess books, fitness and how he analysed games in a group while training.

'Top of the pops' was: Chess I think will never be fully solved by computers. We have so called tablebases of up to six pieces... but I don’t think tablebases with seven pieces will happen in our lifetime. And to get to 32 pieces, that’s probably never going to happen. But, I think at some point, we will probably have to start playing more rapid and Fischerandom chess where starting position is determined only right before the game. For now I think classical chess is excellent chess.

Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion

Peter Thiel, Technology entrepreneur and investor; Partner, Founders Fund; Co-founder, Mithril Capital Management

Be inspired by Magnus as he is interviewed by entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel, former US-rated Chess Master with a lifelong passion for chess. Topics covered are Magnus' views on the game, his experience winning the championship, and the role he believes chess can play in advancing young people's critical thinking, social skills, and ability to achieve academically. 

Prior to the onstage program, Magnus played in a six-board simultaneous chess demonstration. Participants entered in a drawing benefiting First Move, a dynamic non-profit organization that brings chess to second and third graders across the country—and the winner became one of the six brave players.

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