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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tournament Chess Players' Licencing, Registration: Fide Releases Draft Proposal

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Hi everyone,

Here is the latest draft proposal by Fide for the registration and licencing of chess players. 


There has recently been a large increase in the problems caused by the registration of new players. These problems include duplicate registration, delisting and relisting and wrong federations and these cause a lot of extra work for Fide. In order to try and solve these problems, 
Fide intends to institute the following changes in registration and licencing which will have to be approved by the Executive Board in September.  The aim of these regulations is to make the job of Federations and Fide easier.

In order to ensure that all players who wish to play can play, FIDE intends to introduce a new category called 
Fide (FID) to cover those who are, for whatever reason, without a Federation. These players cannot take part in Fide and Continental events and must adhere to any regulations made by the Federation of which they are a citizen. In order that players are encouraged to join their own Federations rather than play as Fide, Fide will charge any player €60 to be so rated. However Fide does understand that there are circumstances at present where players are unable to be members of a Federation. The new regulations to be approved are as follows:

1. All National Chess Federations (NCF) shall be required to register their Players with 
Fide  The Fide Regulations on Registration, Transfers and Eligibility shall apply.

1.1 All players who already have a 
Fide ID Number (FIN) before 1 July 2013 shall be considered to be registered and licensed.

2. The NCF (or 
Fide  shall issue the FIN if the Player does not have one at the time of registration. NCF will register the Player with FIDE by providing information containing the Player’s Name, Gender, Place & Date of Birth, Citizenship and Contact e-mail. It is optional if a Photograph or a ID such as a Passport can be provided. On the Fide Rating List, information on Player’s Name, Gender, Year of Birth shall be included.

3. A Player who registers to compete in any 
Fide rated competition shall be required to provide his FIN. If the player has no FIN, then the Organizer must follow one of the options below:

3.1 Request the Organizer’s NCF to register the player and provide a FIN under Organizer’s NCF flag. The FIN must be provided before the tournament is submitted for rating. FIDE will inform the player of his FIN via his contact e-mail.

3.2 If the player without a FIN claims or provides proof of citizenship or residence in a different country other than the Organizer, then the player can only be allowed to play after:

3.2.1 registration with his appropriate NCF, or

3.2.2 acquiring a provisional license under Fide flag.

4. If the FIN is acquired according to art. 3.2.2, the player shall provide the information required in art. 2 and to pay €60 either directly to FIDE or through the Organizer. 
Fide or the Organizer shall issue the FIN and a provisional license under Fide flag bearing information from art. 2 above.

4.1 The provisional license under 
Fide flag expires on 30 June the following year. Before 1 July, the license must be renewed with payment of €60 to Fide without further notification from Fide  failing which, the license is annulled.

5. A tournament report will not be rated if there are players without a valid FIN. 

Federation’s Ratings Officers should ensure that all players have a valid FIN before sending the tournament to FIDE to be rated.

6. Whenever a NCF delists and subsequently re-lists a player, the NCF shall pay 
Fide a fee of €25.

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