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Friday, March 8, 2013

Florida Chess: Sixth-Grade Chess Champ Truman Hoang Talks about Chess and more!

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The Tribune has carried a nice chat with Truman Hoang, the top rated sixth-grade chess player in Florida. He lives in Tampa Palms and attends Williams Middle Magnet School. Truman, 12, is uncertain about a career path, but has thought about becoming a teacher, an engineer or a computer analyst like his dad!

Q: You are from a family of six. Does anyone else in your family play chess?
A: Both of my older siblings played chess, and we used to have fun with it, but when they got older and busy with school, they lost interest. My younger brother is beginning to play chess, but there are not many tools available for his development. My dad is the main other person who also plays as he has played since he was a kid and has a fair amount of experience. (Truman is the son of Trongan Hoang and his wife, Ginger Le. He has one sister, Victoria, and two brothers, Alexander and Winston.)

How did you discover the game?
My brother and my dad taught it to me as something to do in my spare time. I learned to play at 5 years old, and I liked it when I started to beat my brother.

What skills helped you become the No. 1 sixth-grade chess player in the state?
Patience is the first important thing in chess, because chess is a slower-paced game and you have a lot of time to make your move. The main reason new players lose is because they do not take their time. On the other hand, you also need to have good time management because there is a clock that limits the time you have for your moves.

Do you get an adrenaline rush or a sense of calmness when you play chess?
It depends on how the game is going. For most of the time it is a calm game as if you are reading a book. But when you are pressed for time or one side has the advantage, you become more involved, and with that comes an adrenaline rush.

Other than your parents, what adult do you really admire, and why?I admire Coach Michael Hoffer as he is my coach and has taught me most of the things I need to improve. He is also very good at understanding how a young chess player feels.

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