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Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Chess Championship: Tough Battle!

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Hi everyone,

After round 3 of the TCEC computer chess championship, reports Chessdom, there is not a single engine with perfect score in the 32 players field. Critter – Stockfish and Chiron 1.5 – Gull II made draws at the top tables to join Hiarcs 14.0b at the top of the table with 2,5/3.

Houdini was held to yet another draw. After failing to defeat Hiarcs in round 2, Houdini was effectively held by Komodo. The highest rated engine in the field is now sharing 6th-14th with Rybka, Komodo, Vitruvius, Shredder 12, Protector 1.5b, Junior 13, Texel, and Hannibal.

Equinox 1.65 is the underachiever of the high rated competitors. Having a rating of 3077, Equinox is in the bottom half with 1,0/3, after loss versus Protector and draws with Gaviota and Rybka.

Arsan, Gaviota, and Rodent, all rated under 2700 elo, are now with 1,5/3. Scroll down for the full standings.

TCEC director Martin Thoresen commented for Chessdom on the events from round 3, “The blunder Stockfish made in the endgame (122… c2??) against Critter cost it the full point. It proves that no programs are perfect… yet!” Thoresen also commented on Houdini’s poor start, “Anything can happen with so few games, people may expect Houdini to win everything but the truth is that even Carlsen draws many games even though he is rated 50-150 elo more than his opponents.

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