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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Combining chess and martial arts

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Hi everyone,

Have you read anything on Extreme Challenge with Full Contact Chess that combines chess with martial arts? We've been hearing quite a bit about it lately. 

Full Contact Chess is similar to ordinary chess except that people replace the chess pieces. Additionally, there is an element of chance added to the game. In ordinary chess if, say, a knight is in position to take a pawn and the player decides it would be tactically benficial to take the opponents pawn with the knight, the square could be taken by the knight capturing the pawn, and that would be the end of the turn. In Full Contact Chess, however, the knight and the pawn must battle for the square according to the preferred martial art form of the venue. The square, then, goes to the winner of the martial arts match.

For example, the person playing the knight and the person playing the pawn engage in a wrestling match. It is possible, then, for the person playing the pawn to pin the person playing the knight to the mat and win the wrestling match. The pawn in this case wins the square and the knight instead is captured and removed from the game.

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