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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool chess interview - Judit on chess, life, and other things

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Hi everyone,

Ever wondered what goes in the mind of the top-ranked woman chess player? Yes, we talk of Judit Polgar. She just gave an indepth interview to Radio Xadrez which was translated in English by ChessBase. Here are some of Polgar's answers. You can read the full interview at the above links. Enjoy.

  • Since childhood I loved animals a lot and I was lucky to have the opportunity, during my vacations, to meet all kinds of wild animals as well! One of the nicest memories and experiences I had with nature was when I visited Botswana, in Africa, and went to the Okavango Delta. There I really saw the life of wild animals! Also when I was swimming with the dolphin it was an incredible experience which I can recommend to all! It is really fantastic!
  • Somehow my days are very busy and I do not find time for serious literature, I read usually when I travel, but mainly magazines and, naturally, chess books and articles.
  • My main sport was always chess, but from 1986 on I and my sisters also competed in table tennis. I was the 32nd of the national ranking in the under-12 category, in 1988. I really liked it, but I stopped in order to dedicate myself to chess. Nowadays, I even enjoy some other sports.
  • I follow specific diets from time to time. During tournaments I eat twice a day, many salads and seafood.
  • From chess point of view I am happier with my game against Anand in Dos Hermanas, 1999. I beat Kasparov "only" in a rapid game. But really, from professional point of view I am happier with my games against Kasparov: the two draws I played against him in Linares, 2001.
  • Well, my kids know how chess pieces move as they have learned it in the kindergarten, but so far I do not see that they are so interested that they would want to watch high level tournaments, or something of that sort.
  • I think generally chess is a great game, and an excellent tool to have in schools as well. I am supporting scholastic chess programs and I am a member of the European Chess Federation's committee which is going to make a presentation about chess in schools to the EU Parliament in a few days.
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