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Friday, October 28, 2011

Carlsen simply will be World Chess Champion one day: Seirawan

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Hi everyone,

 Yes, we know you can spot GM Seirawan, but who's the lady?

Here are excerpts from a interview with Yasser Seirawan - the chess grandmaster who wears many hats. He's even gone an invented S-Chess with a friend! It's a HUGE interview - must for Seirawan and chess fans.

There are emerging younger and younger chess geniuses every day. What do you think about this?

Marvelous! The more the merrier! And I totally agree, new talents are emerging from all over the world and they are better and stronger and younger than ever before. Welcome!

Which of these young players have the potential, in your opinion, to become a World Champion, if any?

Well, my goodness, all of them have the potential. Smile. Seriously, to mention just a few names without slighting in any way those not mentioned, Magnus Carlsen, simply will be WC one day; Sergey Karaiakin of Russia; Teimour Radjabov Azberjian; Hikaru Nakamura USA; Le Quang, Vietnam; Anish Giri Holland; all of these names and many others stand out in my mind as likely WC’s.

What would be your advice to young people who are just starting to play chess and take it seriously?Have fun. Enjoy what you are doing. Take your work seriously. If you get too stressed, take a break. If you apply yourself, you will get mentally tougher, much more disciplined, feel a greater sense of personal empowerment and learn to succeed in anything you want to do. Believe in yourself.

The Bonus Questions from a fan:GM Marc Narciso: “Mr. Seirawan, are the supposed hypnotic forces of Mihail Tal over his opponents a mere legend or did you also feel them?”

They are both! More legend and yes I did feel them as well. When I played against Karpov and Kasparov both, you could feel their ‘energy and determination’ to defeat you. At times they would look in my direction, not necessarily to ‘disturb’ but at such moments, you understood they wanted to win!

“What is your opinion about Viktor Korchnoi and chess longevity in general; how is it possible to play so well at 80? What would be your explanation of the phenomenon?”

Sadly, I have no answers. Victor is just fantastic. As by the way was Smyslov. They just knew where the pieces had to go and put them there! Perhaps Victor doesn’t have the same energy at the board as he did decades ago but anyone who plays against him today knows that he is burning with desire to win the game!

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