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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Author Zhenya Grebenchuk offers new comparison between Chess, Belief

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Hello everyone,

For all those interested in the philosophy of it all, here is The Last Queening Square: It's Time for Royal Pawns to be Promoted into Queens on C8 (published by WestBow Press). Author Zhenya Grebenchuk has taken the game of chess and used it to examine new angles in familiar Biblical stories and ideas.

The author says, "One day I was looking around my house to find simple things to help me better explain my spiritual understanding to my family. As I was looking around, I came across my old chessboard under a couch. I paused for a second, and then it came to me: why don’t I use a famous game of intelligence as a tool to represent the invisible combat of my spiritual passage into psychological adulthood?"

In The Last Queening Square readers will encounter many kinds of mental zigzagging. For example: a king, a queen and a knight are standing on the cage-trap door. This can be Yahweh, Jesus and Holy Spirit who are holding the door open, allowing millions to claim their spiritual freedom and to be released from the cage of sin. Now all previously captured pieces are free to go and to live in victory provided by the Holy Trinity.

In the second context, this can be viewed as heart, mind and body released from the cage of oppression. Now they are ready to re-enter the board and play a new game, under a new color and with the new leadership of a brilliant spiritual king.

Many such unexpected contexts will arise to shift the meaning of a simple position into a complex understanding weighed down with spiritual flavour.
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