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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top chess love tweets for Valentine's Day

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Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day everybody for February 14. This is for all those lovers out there, those who love, those who love chess and those who love and love chess - top chess love tweets for you tonight to stay warm and cosy with. Have fun. All the different moods of love with a chess motif that people tweet -

@B_Bristar Bri Brister 
Feeling like im playing chess fighting until I become face to face with my king.
@goldenchild232 Rachel Zayas 
My love life has once again become a game of chess
@NormanMannon Norman Mannon 
playing chess with my not disturb please :)
@Thunderbattle Matthew I. Bishop 
beat his wife at chess today. I'm probably going to be paying for that later. 
@Feranmii_99 Feranmi aderibigbe 
life is a game of chess and im heading for ur Queen
@heartless_alam alam inestroza 
Life is like chess bt ur playing wit hearts
@AverageBlackMan Simmons 
Everybody plays chess games in their relationships, but often forget how much more power the Queen holds over the King
@DlucasM3 David Lucas Marin 
if neither of us make an effort, it just feels like both of us left a chess game without daring to make the next move.
@SoLuvableLauren Lexi Nuvo 
Yeah we too scared of you on here playing chess with that gentle voice #beyondscaredstraight
@12Lady_E18 Lady E Simmone 
Love is a game of chess.... That is all
@ShutUpValentine Mr. Valentine 
#ToMyEx i mean if you would have just cooked me some scrambled eggs with chess, i wouldnt be writing to you on twitter.
@SarahBostAskins Sarah Askins 
Covering up emotional scars is like a chess match 
@andreamurguia Andrea Murguia 
And I live on your chess game, but you change the rules everyday..
@xodeedee Melody Goliday 
Yu make me wish I never met yu , wish I never "let yu" , wish I cud jump over this feelin like a chess move .
@iAmUrKat Kathryn 
I'm not a chess piece so don't play me like a game. But if you treat me right I will be your queen....
@swakilki Treat me like your Queen and I won't let you worry about the pawns.
@sanit Be my King and I will give you all the 64 squares of my life.
@Natalie You're a heartbreak pawn
@SinCity Be the King and just sit there, I will be your Queen and do all the work. 
@JaPi You will remain my King even after checkmate

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