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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I wanna be your chess queen...

Hello Everyone,

We found this anonymous lady (Or GeekQueenofDesire to be specific according to her YouTube handle) singing a love song (apparently self-composed) for her Dr. Sweetheart!

We couldn't resist sharing it of course simply because of the chess thing!
You can follow the lyrics below the video. Enjoy!

I wanna be your chess queen...

I wish that I had the brains for chess
I think that chess is the very best
I long to see the logical view
The force of game mechanics, a strategy true.

I know that if I could play marvelous chess
I'd morph into a geek princess
I'd be swarmed by a slavering herd
Of brilliant long-haired chess-playing nerds.

I wanna be your chess queen
'Cause in all of the games that I've seen
You furrow your brow in a general's glare
And your chess playing charisma has me ensnared.

You're my rook, my knight, my king
Let's run from the bishop and do our thing
'Though our world's not black and white (black and white)

Let's think tactically together day and night.

From Alexandra Kosteniuk's
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