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Friday, July 16, 2010

Chess players are also regular fun people!

Beautiful and intelligent: U.S. Women's Championship
contenders with Rex Sinquefield

Hi Everybody!

There is often a misconception about chess players. Most people think chess players are reclusive, offensive kind of human beings. That's not really true. Here is an interesting article we found written from the heart for chess folk - topped off with beautiful photos! You've got to read it.

Gentry Trotter writes:

"I was impressed with some of the nation’s brightest players, who have a certain down-to-earthiness, and that twinkle in their eyes of intense competition, clearly indicate that they can still go to the mall and to movies with friends, play football, soccer and even basketball – in other words, chess has yet to checkmate them, because when they sit across from an opponent they confided that it’s an entirely different ballgame.

"Ukraine and other parts of the world are full of male chess players, so it comes as a pleasant surprise that a chorus of women are now part of the U.S. chess family, and many were in the same room with me.

"Zatonskih encourages more young females to participate in the art of chess, she believes it's about motivation, and also an opportunity to travel. She further believes that chess stimulates one’s academic capability while attending school, especially in math and the game helps you to concentrate. Chess, also teaches you to lose in life, said Zatonskih.

You can read the full article here.

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