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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chess is a losing game?

Hello Everybody!

Ever got frustrated about why you are not making progress in chess? Read this then. It's straight from the heart by someone who played chess - and then gave it up! Any advice for him?

"Chess is a losing game for some of us," writes Glynn Moore, adding that, "There should be a game that is halfway between checkers and chess, tough enough to keep us interested until the final move but easy enough for simpletons like me. They could call it 'check,' perhaps, or 'chessers.'

"I learned checkers as a kid, along with the more colorful Chinese checkers, which added marbles into the mix. Chess didn't come along until years later, and by then I was past my learning curve; more likely, chess just revealed my lack of a calculating mind required for games of strategy.

"I never learned to see past the next move, though, and my beginner's luck never evolved into intermediate learning and expert winning.

"Not long afterwards, I gave up the game....Life was too short, I decided...

You can read the rest of the interesting article here.

But, frankly, am sure, for most of us... we just can't seem to get enough of chess no matter how much we play and no matter at what level we are.

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