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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chess Champion Hunt: Computer versus Computer!

A YouTube video of how Rybka won
the 2009 Computer Blitz Championship

Hello Everyone,

This is kind of weird to watch. But it's happening. Thousands of chess lovers and programmers are logging in at this website to watch Rybka and Stockfish play a match that will last 48 games!

Most people have held Rybka as the best commercially available chess engine. Polish International Master Vasik Rajlich created this engine and Rybka dutifully went on to win three World Computer Chess Championships.

But, in 2009, another chess 'master' surfaced to challenge Rybka. It's called Stockfish and has been developed by Tord Romstad, Marco Costalba and Joona Kiiski.

Both engines are running on computers with four central processors and after 31 games, Rybka is leading 17.5 to 13.5. You can also read more about them in the New York Times.

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