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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flying to Moscow in a few moments

Hi to all!

I'm at the airport, flying in a few moments to Russia, where I will play lots of chess tournaments.

First in Moscow, thanks to my being the current Women's World Chess Champion, I have been invited to play in the strongest blitz chess tournament on the planet, the World Blitz Championship, where the strongest players on the planet will be playing, such as Anand, Kramnik, Aronian, Carlsen, Invanchuk, Ponomariov, Morozevich, Karpov, Grischuk, Karjakin... even the other ones are fantastic chess players. I will probably be the lowest rated player in the tournament, so that it's a wonderful opportunity for me, and means that I can only gain from it!

I will do my best, and hope I will be able to present you some new games on my YouTube channel, to complement the nice blitz or rapid wins I have had against some male Grandmasters such as Sutovsky 1, Sutovsky 2, Amanov, Korotylev, Almasi, Dlugy, Hracek, Tregubov, Potkin, and Balashov.

After the World Blitz Championship I will fly to Khanty-Mansiysk, to play in the World Cup, also with the world's best male chess players. More info here.

Best wishes!
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Women's World Chess Champion

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